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A Non-Performing Asset (NPA) refers to an order for loans or advances that are in default or are financially past due on planned payments of principal or interest. Much of the time, debt is classified as nonperforming when loan payments have not been made for a tenure of 90 days. While 90 days of default is the standard, the measure of slipped by time might be shorter or longer relying upon the terms and conditions of each loan.

MySuvidha Finance exclusively work for the NPA segment, whether you can say it as NPA Revival, Loan for NPA, NPA Recovery, NPA Solutions, NPA Account Settlement, NPA Takeover, NPA Financing, NPA Finance facility for NPA accounts, Transfer of NPA Accounts.


  • MySuvidha Finance provides financial advisory services for NPA cases, if the customer is not a willful defaulter.
  • We provides pre and post NPA Solutions.
  • We provides financial advisory services for Financing, Reviving and, One Time Settlement (OTS) depending upon the strength of the company.
  • We assist you in saving the property mortgaged with the bank and Finance Companies.
  • We also assist for Alternative Finance.

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