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Dropline Overdraft Loan is a facility provided granted to you where you can overdraw your current account up to an agreed limit. Overdraft is a productive form of borrowing as you pay interest only for the time you use the money. You can at any time deposit money into the account to lessen the outstanding balance or can draw out money at whatever point you need it as long as you don't exceed the limit. Interest is determined daily on the fluctuating outstanding balance and is normally charged toward the end of every month. The overdraft used determines the interest that will be payable by the customer. Overdraft against Property is a flexible product offering that permits you a combination of a Term Loan and Overdraft facility against residential or business property. This product is helpful for experts, Sole Proprietors, Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms or a Private Limited Company with a yearly turnover in the scope of INR 90 lakh.

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